• Elderberry, 3” square pot

A foodscaping favorite!  Elderberry has enjoyed increased popularity in the last few years as people have rediscovered its uses in treating common ailments such as the common cold and the flu.

The Elderberry plant thrives in moist, but well drained fertile soil. It prefers full or part sun. Creamy white flowers self pollinate to produce pink berries that turn deep purple when ripe. The shrub can live for 60 years!

Both the ripe berries and flowers are edible. The berries can be juiced and boiled down to produce an excellent cough syrup that really works and can boost the immune system.

Growth Info
latin name Sambucus canadensis (American elderberry)
plant type Flowering and fruiting deciduous shrub
cold hardiness Zones 3-8
height 8 feet
spacing 6-8 feet at maturity

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Elderberry, 3” square pot

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