About Us


    We are a small family company operating from Cape Girardeau in southeastern Missouri.  All plants, seeds, and roots have been produced by us, and we never resell other companies' products.  

   Unlike the overwhelming majority of nurseries and garden centers, all of our plants are 100% organically grown and have never been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or chemical fertilizers. Many people purchase plants from large retailers to grow with organic methods without realizing that a commercially grown product is often already tainted.  A plant grown with chemicals will already have absorbed toxins into its tissue and will have no way to eliminate those substances.

   At Cape Foodscapes, we have eliminated any potential pathway for those toxins to enter the tissues of our products.  We grow on ground that has never been used for commercial agriculture.  We have spent years building up the fertility of our property organically.  We mix our own container soil in house using sustainability harvested canadian sphagnum peat, non-gmo alfalfa, and manure from our pet rabbits fed on only organic non-GMO foods. We also add worm castings from our own vermiculture system. Customers that have purchased our plants will likely find compost worms living in their pots!  The worms are perfectly happy living in the same conditions that plant roots enjoy, and will seldom leave the container.