Black Walnut, Red Mulberry

Blueberries forming on Blue Ray.  Strawberries on the ground.

A hybrid Russian Comfrey, Bocking 14.  An indestructible dynamic accumulator with sterile flowers. Chickens and bees love it. Rabbits tolerate it.  Chop it all down and use it as a complete fertilizer and it will be 3 feet tall again in less than 1 month. Repeat.

I harvested this one exactly one week ago by viciously twisting the foliage out of the ground with my hands.

The back of the compost pile. That's Katt thinking about taking a dump in my potatoes. The screws sticking out on the side are for wiring the next tier of box down when I bury them some more. Jack O Lantern pumpkins planted in the leaf-mulched bed.

Local ferns I brought home from the cabin in the oak and hickory woods.

Aloe. "spineless" Prickly Pear that produces an edible fruit high in vitamin C for curing Scurvy.

The medium-sized, green, waxy ones in the center are stargazer lilies.

Most of the sprouts are volunteer Evening Primrose, a somewhat homely flower that acts as a sacrificial lamb to the japanese beetles.

The large ones on the right are Marsh Mallow, which is exactly what it sounds like.

My only attempt at espalier. Grape on fence.

Proof that I am, in fact, a Geo Metro owner. Power drill lightning bolts on hood for speed.

Well, actually, it's a Hetro.

Joseph's Coat climbing rose on custom slab bird-mansion. Tulip Poplar up high.

On the wall: Aloe, Spanish Lavender, English Lavender.

Ground: Yukon Gold Potatoes.

Sunflowers in the large pot, Dwarf Teddy Bear, Dwarf Incredible. On the ground are Elderberry cuttings, Adams and Black Lace.

Romaine and Simpson lettuce on the right with Lemon Balm on the left slowly trying to take over.

Left to right: "Black Lace" Elderberry, Some Asiatic Lilies sandwiched into Russian Comfrey, and "Lemony Lace" Elderberry with garlic behind it getting shaded out.

Green bell peppers

Huge catnip at the base of my Liberty Apple tree with an indent of a cat. This is why I don't have a squirrel problem any more.

Catnip at the base of peach tree. Squirrels don't eat peaches or apples, but they suck the juice out of them on a hot day.

Katt wants to poop in the other potato box here, but is foiled by the screen. This shows the tiered box system in action as the potato is buried. Those are nuisance blackberries coming out of the compost pile. You can't see the horseradish I planted next to the potato box yet.

Beefsteak and Jet Star tomatoes in a new bed. Charred wood on account of the potash shortage.

This used to be a productive strawberry bed. It is now almost 100% spearmint. Rabbits like them as treats.

Aloe blooms

Ginkgo nuts sprouted in my Paw Paw containers. I guess I'll separate them, since this plant is extinct in the wild.

Secondhand bee hives my wife is working on. We have three in the woods now with one being occupied by wild bees.

Some more developed blueberries, this one is an earlier variety. Strawberries at the mulch layer.

Adams Elderberry in foreground. It grew 7 feet the first year and it was shipped to me as a wet stick. Continues blooming into December.

Strawberries on the ground with Prairie Blazing Star starting to awaken. Blueberries in background.

Paw Paw and Black Walnut. These are 2 years old this year. There are also Persimmons and White Oak. These are likely getting planted at our cabin somewhere.

Harvester Dwarf Peach. Needs a fungus spray I think.

Cayenne Pepper, rosemary, and tomato seedlings, Dahlia that my daughter picked out, and some baby asiatic lilies.

The bear is Clyde and the twink is Pipkin. They're gay in jail, but they really just want a piece of...

Bunny, the virgin queen. She's 5 human years old.

Wurmz: "Cafe Negro Porfa"   These guys are tweakin 24/7.

In January, I pruned 2/3 off the Adams Elderberry. A week later, I took those dried-up branches and stuck them in the mud, like this. I took no further action. Now, every dried-up elderberry stick I put in the mud is growing a new plant.

7-year old grapevine. Concord.

Left to Right: Russian Comfrey, volunteer onions, Clematis (it grows along the Anduin near Gondor), Volunteer Russian Mammoth Sunflowers, Achillea.  Tolkien based the healing herb Athelas, or Kingsfoil, on Achillea, or Yarrow, in the common tongue. This is just my opinion.

Onions and Garlic

I built these rabbit tractors and the abandoned chicken house out of recycled pallet wood.  A great horned owl took out my 6 chickens one by one. I didn't catch him until he was standing over the last hen.

No Luffas yet this year until it warms up, but these are what we have left from last year after making a bunch of soap.

This picture is from last summer. That is a Russian Mammoth Sunflower growing in a crack in my driveway. I'm growing some kind of big red one there this year.