Bocking 14 is a very vigorous grower that can be multiplied by root and crown division. 

Each root cutting can grow into a new plant in a few weeks.

It produces so much nitrogen-rich biomass, it can be used as a natural fertilizer and compost activator.

Because the lavender-colored flowers don't produce seed, this is a non-invasive alternative to common Comfrey. 

Continues to bloom light purple, bell-shaped flowers from spring to fall, providing a reliable source of food for bees. The leaves make a great feed for pigs, rabbits, and chickens.

Used in traditional medicine to mend broken bones and many other applications.

Growth Info
latin name Symphytum officinale
plant type Flowering Perennial
cold hardiness -20 F
height 3 feet
roots 6 root cuttings at least 4 inches long

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Comfrey, Bocking 14

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