Aloe vera is a warm-weather succulent plant.  It is typically grown in containers in cooler climates in order to protect it from freezing temperatures.  Because of its low fertility and moisture requirements and a general tolerance for neglect, it is often quite successfully grown as a houseplant, even by inexperienced gardeners. As long as the plant is given enough light and isn't waterlogged, it will generally grow quite well.

The origins of Aloe are a mystery to modern science, because there are no naturally occuring wild plants. It has been cultivated by humans for at least 3500 years with written accounts from ancient Egypt describing its healing properties

Aloe vera is perhaps best known for its use as a remedy for skin burns, rashes, and psoriasis. It is also added to drinks for the digestive system.

Growth Info
latin name Aloe vera
plant type tropical succulent
cold hardiness Never below 40 degrees F
height can reach about 2.5 feet
spacing spreads to about 3 feet

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Aloe vera, 3” square pot

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